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Princess Michelle

Fetish Princess Michelle is a perfect, spoiled brat. She loves to laugh and have fun at the expense of the pathetic loser bois who throw themselves at her feet. Dominant and addicting!

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It’s ME — Princess Michelle! I know what you’re thinking and yes, I AM PERFECT. Thanks for noticing, LOL.

I can’t help it that I’m totally great and you can’t help that your cock started throbbing the second you laid eyes on Me. Look at it this way: you’re just another man put on this earth to serve and entertain Me. Lucky you!

1-888-8538 — Extension 345 — $5 Off First Call

Yes, men are My play things and you are no exception. You’re not special but now that you’ve found Me you’ve found a worthy purpose for your pathetic little life. I’m going to enjoy using you, manipulating you, and exploiting your weaknesses. Humiliating? Degrading? Costly? Yes. But you’ll love every minute of it because being My obedient and devoted bitch boi means you get some of My precious attention. You’ll do what it takes for My attention!

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I’m a true Princess and I expect to be treated accordingly. You’re going to do whatever it takes to keep Me happy and earn your place at My feet.

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weak wimps and ATM money piggies!!

1-888-8538 — Extension 345 — $5 Off First Call

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